Otonosekai PS-30 - PSR-S770

Otonosekai PS-30 - PSR-S770
PSR-S770 Expansion Pack Virtual PS-30 Portasound Expansion


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The PortaSound PS30 was the top model in the very first range of Yamaha single keyboards, comprised of the PS10, the PS20 and the PS30.


Launched in the very early 1980s, this ground breaking product in its day is reproduced in detail in your PSR-S770, giving you all of the original ‘Orchestra’ and ‘Solo’ sounds, and all of the Rhythms, which featured Yamaha’s ‘Automatic Bass Chord’ from its Electone organs.


These ABC Rhythms have been reproduced as Styles in Tyros, playing exactly as they did on the original PS30, involving some very special programming of the PSR-S770 to reproduce this detail.


The pack contents list has full details of how the original ABC Rhythms are recreated in the various PSR-S770 style sections.


To expand the original ABC rhythms, each Style has a matching set of Multi Pads, providing extra rhythmic parts, a pad part and a percussion part. The percussion part is programmed using a special ‘Drum Kit’ made by extracting individual drum instruments from the PS30’s Rhythms.


In addition to the reproduction of the original PS30, there are synthesizer voices which are made using the full power of PSR-S770 voicing system, based on the great analog samples of the PS30.


These are further expanded by specially programmed Registration Memories, which layer and adjust each voice. 


As you’d expect, there are 4 ‘One Touch Settings’ for each style, and each voice has Voice Info and an Audition demo. In addition to these there are further settings in the Registration Memories, and a special bank called ‘PS30 Impossible’, in which the PS30 sounds acquire touch sensitivity, and are combined in ways which were impossible on the original instrument, as well as the Solo voices becoming polyphonic!


As a finishing touch there is a demo song which recreates the sound of the PS30, as well as demonstrating use of the new Synthesizer voices. Fittingly it is based on the folk song ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’, a simpler version of which was featured in the original owner’s manual for the PS30.


This product requires a compatible Yamaha Arranger Workstation keyboard such as the PSR-S or A Series. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.


  • Producer Otonosekai
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