MX Best of MOTIF Bank 2 (BOMB 2)

MX Best of MOTIF Bank 2 (BOMB 2)
The MX Best of MOTIF Bank 2 (“BOMB 2”) is a collection of legendary MOTIF sounds converted for use in the MX series of music synthesizers.


The BOMB 2 features legendary MOTIF sounds in just ten pounds! Better still, BOMB 2 offers three volumes in a single library:

  • • BOM2MX49.X5A: The MX49 volume features lead, bass, brass, strings and other sounds designed for "one-hand play" or "one-hand play, one-hand tweak"
  • • BOM2MX61.X5A: The MX61 volume is optimized for playing organs, pads and strings/brass splits for the live performer needing "top keyboard" sounds in a two-keyboard rig
  • • BOM2MX88.X5A: The MX88 volume has a piano focus with acoustic and electric pianos, bass/keyboard splits, piano/electric piano layers and so on


Even though each volume is optimized for a particular MX, you can use any volume in any MX.


PACK DETAILS FOR MX: 3 All-Files / 128 Performances (each)


View the MOXF PCP (Premium Contents Pack) Sound Preview video below:


This product requires a compatible Yamaha synthesizer such as the Motif and/or MOXF and may require additional flash memory. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.


  • Producer Yamaha
  • Genre Jazz

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MX BOMB2 Sounds Demo