KApro 005 VP1 Incredible Pads 2

KApro 005 VP1 Incredible Pads 2
KApro VP1 Incredible Pads 2 for MONTAGE


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 The “KApro 005 VP1 Pads 2” Sound Library is the fifth of these five YAMAHA MONTAGE Sound Libraries presenting incredible pads and textures sounds you may never have heard before and which were recorded from the legend VP1. The “KApro 005 VP1 Pads 2” Sound Library and the “KApro 004 VP1 Pads 1” Sound Library complement each other.

Great for both live and studio use, the KApro 005 VP1 Pads 2” Sound Library contains sophisticated, lush performances suited perfectly for every style of popular music which exploits electronic sound synthesis. Especially, the KApro 005 VP1 Pads 2” Sound Library is tailor-made for ambient atmospheres and textures making movie scores and soundtracks really special.

Technical Details -

The KApro 005 VP1 Pads 2Sound Library offers a varied sound set of:

  • One Live Set termed “KApro 005” with three pages termed “VP1 Incr. Pads 2 P.1” to “VP1 Incr. Pads 2 P.3
  • 48 performances, each having four different scenes
  • 28 stereo waveforms with 305 stereo keybanks, (uncompressed memory size: 613 MB of PCM data), all supporting the Super Knob functionality and the Motion Control capabilities of the YAMAHA MONTAGE. 


This product requires a compatible Yamaha synthesizer such as the Motif and/or MOXF and may require additional flash memory. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.


  • Producer KApro

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