Blue Man Group - Soundset

Blue Man Group - Soundset
Blue Man Group - Soundset for MONTAGE and Motif


Blue Man Group - Soundset for MONTAGE and Motif

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Blue Man Group has won both admiration and critical acclaim for their percussive live stage shows, performed almost entirely on instruments of their own design. Fashioned from white PVC piping of various dimensions, these instruments include The Big Drum, Tubulum, Drumulum, and their signature PVC, played by all three members of the troupe simultaneously. Yamaha has partnered with Blue Man Group to create a signature Synth Voice Library for MONTAGE and Motif synthesizers, allowing musicians, producers, and sound designers to harness all of these exclusive Blue Man Group PVC instrument sounds, plus the thunderous Piano Smasher. Users may integrate them into their own compositions, or emulate the distinctive Blue Man Group performance on their own.

Exclusive to Yamaha and unavailable elsewhere, the Blue Man Group Soundset is the first Synth Voice Library of its kind for the MONTAGE synthesizer, and takes full advantage of the MONTAGE Super Knob, delivering on-the-fly control over multiple sound parameters at once in multiple directions, depths, and degrees. MONTAGE is the latest flagship synthesizer from Yamaha, and is built around the Motion Control Synthesis Engine.

"A Living BMG MONTAGE" and "Mo Blue" compositions by Keith Hersch

Video and still footage of Blue Man Group is © 2016 BMP. Blue Man Group photo by Lindsey Best

Pack details for MONTAGE: 1 library/16 Performances

1          PVC                
2          Two Handed PVC     
3          Drumulum & Tubulum 
4          Big Drums & Smasher
5          Decentered         
6          Motor Mouth        
7          Syncopator         
8          Bellular Tubes 1   
9          Bellular Tubes 2   
10        Holding Pattern    
11        SlipNSlide Laser Tag
12        Spin Painting      
13        Flotation Tank     
14        Eye Contact        
15        Binaural Trigger   
16        Motivator           

36 waveforms (Data is compressed at > 2:1 = 120MB Linear Equivalent)



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This product requires a compatible Yamaha synthesizer such as the Motif and/or MOXF and may require additional flash memory. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.


  • Producer Blue Man Group

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Blue Man Group Soundset for MONTAGE