Best of MOTIF Bank for MX

Best of MOTIF Bank for MX
MOTIF sounds in less than ten pounds!


The Best of Motif Bank was designed to put 128 of the most commonly used MOTIF Voices into MX Performances. Experience the expressiveness and sound quality of the MOTIF Sound Engine in a lightweight, portable instrument!

Performance Direct Select (PDS) allows selection of any B.O.M.B.Performance using the Voice Category buttons.

First, make sure that [SELECT] is active under the PREFORMANCE NUMBER, then press [SHIFT] and any Voice Category button to enable PDS.

Pressing the Voice Category buttons selects one of the 16 Performances in thecurrent bank.

Using the [SHIFT] + [INC/YES] advances theperformances through banks of 16.

Using the [SHIFT] + [DEC/NO]moves back through the performance banks.

Here’s how to install the B.O.M.B. Performances on your MX:

• Insert USB drive into an available USB port on your computer
• Copy the MXBOMB.x5a file from your computer to the USB drive
• Insert USB drive into your MX’s “TO DEVICE” port
• Press [FILE]
• Via the UP/DOWN Cursor Select option 02: LOAD > [ENTER]
• Set TYPE = ALL
• [INC][DEC] to the “MXBOMB” file
• Press [ENTER] to execute
• Press [YES] to confirm


This product requires a compatible Yamaha synthesizer such as the Motif and/or MOXF and may require additional flash memory. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.


  • Producer Yamaha

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