Abstrakt Horror

Abstrakt Horror
16 chilling performances for MONTAGE


“ABSTRAKT HORROR” for the Yamaha MONTAGE includes 16 terrorizing performances that consist of Organic, Insane Spooky, Abstract Scary Terrifying Madness.

From distant worlds “ABSTRAKT HORROR” is a great addition for your Dark Side and Cinematic Horror and Terror needs.

“ABSTRAKT HORROR” features totally chaotic multi-layered stretched Abstrakt loops, giving you Frantic Chaos and endless Unique Intimidating Vibrant Expressions in Grunge filled Random Organized Spectral Distortion Gone Wild from beyond.


 1. It’s Coming 4U

 2. It’s Here

 3. Run 4 It

 4. It’s 2 Late

 5. Hell eKopter

 6. Krystalite

 7. Franks Lab

 8. Stormee Nite

 9. Doomz Day

10. Armageddon

11. Black Lagoon

12. Human Fryer

13. Hellzoo

14. Warningz 4U

15. Wind Chimes

16. Spookee

“ABSTRAKT HORROR” ” is a taste of “Abstrakt Kaos”, which is from SoundWaves “Instant Score” Library set, currently available for the Yamaha Motif, and soon to be available for the Yamaha MONTAGE.

“Instant Score” is a collection of SoundWaves from Outer Space and Beyond, discovered in a hidden cave in Norway, brought to life by Arne Schulze.


This product requires a compatible Yamaha synthesizer such as the Motif and/or MOXF and may require additional flash memory. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.


  • Producer SoundWaves

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