Easy Listening-Sound Expansion Vol 1

Easy Listening-Sound Expansion Vol 1
Easy Listening Voice & Style Expansion Pack for PSR-S


This Pack features the beautiful Easy Listening Music of the70's and 80's.

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With 44 Voices, 10 Styles, 5 Multipad Banks and 8 Registrations including new Panflutes, Harmonicas, Strings and Choirs it takes you all the way from the Biscaya to the scenery of the big romantic wild west movies.

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SA Panflute

SA Big Female Choirs

SA Soft Orchestral Stings

SA Biscaya - Accordion

SA Harmonica

Lead sounds


Baltic Waves

Easy listening DrumKit


Bavarian 2Step 

Biscaya Beat 

Dinner March 

Docs TV Theme 

Dreamboat Pop 

Lonely Flute Ballad 

Moon Ballad 

Mornings at 64 

Richards Pn Bld 

Western Ballad 


Easy Ah-Coir

Easy Oh-Choir

Easy strings

Easy Percussion

Waves & Pads


Western Harp

Hackbrett Cops

Bayside Accordion

Wardrobe Piano

… Herr Doktor !

Before Breakfast

Moonlight Split

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This product requires a compatible Yamaha Arranger Workstation keyboard such as the PSR-S or A Series. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.


  • Producer MIDI Pirates (MIDIPIRATEN)
  • Memory Requirement 135 MB

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Easy Listening Vol. 1
VSE Tutorial for the PSR-S70 Series