Cumbia - PSR-A3000

Cumbia - PSR-A3000
A variety of Styles and Voices that are perfect for the Cumbia style - ¡Latina y Mas!


Cumbia VSE Voice Expansion pack for the PSR-A3000

Please note: To load this pack into your PSR-A3000 instrument, you’ll need to download and install the FREE Yamaha Expansion Manager.

Yamaha has now released the new Cumbia Pack, expanding on the success of the Mariachi-Norteño & Banda Voice & Style Expansion Packs.

This new pack contains varieties of the popular Cumbia beat, that each country has adopted and made their own by adding different instrumentation or phrasing styles that are signature to that country.

Also included are styles that have not been available until now, like the Vals Peruano, and Bolero Trio. Acknowledging the variety of different "flavors", some of the Cumbias have accordions and brass, some are more acoustic (unplugged), while others feature more electric sounds and contemporary orchestration. 


This product requires a compatible Yamaha Arranger Workstation keyboard such as the PSR-S or A Series. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.


  • Producer Yamaha
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