Sound like a pro with the "You Are The Artist" series!

Play music by superstar artists like Adele, Coldplay, and Taylor Swift using these exciting book and song file collections!

You Are the Artist is an exciting series of sheet music titles and companion song files (MIDI Songs) that make you sound like a pro! When you combine the two, you’ve got an instant backing band for that song! Whether it’s the driving guitar phrases of Coldplay, the classic country sounds of Johnny Cash, or the smooth big band styling of Michael Bublé, you’ll enjoy playing along with these professional arrangements.
Each song file has been created to take advantage of the very best sounds in your instrument – the Yamaha XG voices. These voices are incredibly realistic, and are showcased in You Are the Artist arrangements. And because these song files are in the MIDI file format – not audio file format – you have total control over the music. You can change the speed, mute and solo various tracks, and even use the learning features on your instrument to help you master the songs. Plus, Yamaha gives you the flexibility to choose just the items you need.