Listen to Unique Performances with PianoSoft

Listen to your favorite piano performances on your Yamaha Disklavier, keyboard, or digital piano.

PianoSoft files contain original recordings of piano performances. When played back with a Disklavier or MODUS piano, PianoSoft physically plays the piano – moving the keys to reproduce the sound of the original recital. PianoSoft allows you to enjoy unique performances of your favorite music as if the artist is playing a private concert in your own home.

Keyboard and Clavinova owners can also enjoy these incredible recordings with the piano sounds found on their instruments.*

*Piano keys will not move on non-Disklavier, non-MODUS instruments

Choose from four different types of PianoSoft, ranging from solo piano music to fully orchestrated recordings featuring live instruments and vocals. These performances have been created by some of the world's finest pianists, and will give you endless hours of musical entertainment!

Pianosoft Solo

Simple and elegant, PianoSoft Solo compilations celebrate the timeless tradition of solo piano performances. These best-selling performances make your Disklavier the center of attention, and give you a front row seat to the world's most incredible pianists!

PianoSoft Plus

These piano performances include background tracks using the built-in instrument sounds of your Disklavier. You'll hear strings, drums, guitars, and more, giving you a fully orchestrated musical experience.

PianoSoft Audio

Many of the recordings even feature vocals, giving you the complete musical package of piano, orchestra, and singers!

Smart PianoSoft

Advanced syncing technology allows customers to choose CDs from their personal collection and play them with a corresponding Smart PianoSoft file.