South East Europe - Genos/Tyros

South East Europe - Genos/Tyros
A huge variation of styles and voices from Romania, Slovakia and Hungary - perfect to play traditional and modern music.

Explore the vivid spirit of Cymbalom-driven Romanian Folk and the magic of Hungarian Csardas, Gypsy Swing and Slovakian Rhythms!


This fantastic Pack highlights on a wide range of authentic traditional music styles from Romania, which had been realized in deep cooperation with experienced Romanian musicians - thanks to Costel and Vasi. Furthermore, it features folkloristic Hungarian Csardas, Swing and Gypsy music, but also modern Csardas Pop styles combining folk elements with Dance, Disco and Trance. Fantastic Folk music from Slovakia completes the Pack, for the first time the great Fujara flute voice has been featured within styles.

Several sampling sessions resulted into fantastic and unique new Voices such as Hungarian Cimbalom and Taragot (Type of big clarinet), Accordions, Flutes and Panflute, Balkan Clarinet, Violins, Braci (Viola), Upright Bass, Swing Guitar and even some Romanian Drums. Fujara and Drumbla (Jewish harp) provide the Slovakian spirit.

Style examples include: Hora, Sarba, Estam, Batuta, Brau, Doina, Manea, Invartita, CsardasParty, TechnoFolk, MagyarDisco, GipsyBossa, WaltzPolka, SlovakTango, TranceSylvan and many more

Style and Voice Support from Romania: Costel Vatamanu, Vasi Onica. Sampling Support in Slovakia: Roland Kanik.

Included in this pack: 40 Styles, 64 Voices, 15 Multipads, 80 Registrations

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  • Producer Yamaha
  • Memory Requirement 48MB

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