KApro Entertainer Organs Vol 1. - Tyros 5

KApro Entertainer Organs Vol 1. - Tyros 5
KApro Entertainer Organs Vol. 1 Voice & Style Expansion Pack


1 KApro Entertainer Organs Vol. 1 


1.1 What this Expansion Pack is All About 


The KApro Entertainer Organs Vol. 1 Expansion Pack focusses on the famous sound of entertainer organs which have been particularly popular in Europe and Asia since the 1970s. In order to capture the sound of these fine instruments, KApro prepared a set of multisamples and samples containing 141 MB of data (measured on a YAMAHA PSR-S970). 


1.2 Some Technical Details 

The KApro Entertainer Organs Vol. 1 Expansion Pack has been made for 


 the YAMAHA PSR-S970 and 

 the YAMAHA PSR-S770. 


The KApro Entertainer Organs Vol. 1 Expansion Pack offers a varied sound set comprising of 

 twenty (20) expansion voices, 

 48 registrations arranged in six (6) registration banks (ONLY FOR PSR-S770 AND PSR-S970), one of which was used while recording the audio demos and 

 141 MB of new multisamples and samples. 


In each registration (ONLY FOR PSR-S770 AND PSR-S970), three organ voices (right 1, right 2, left) are combined with a complete style. 


1.3 Audio Demos 

The audio demo was composed, arranged and played by Peter Jung. Peter used a YAMAHA PSR-S970. 

The audio demo “Calypso” is based on the internal style “Calypso” and presents the following five sounds contained in the KApro Entertainer Organs Vol. 1 Expansion Pack: 

 Horseshoe Organ (voice no. 4), 

 Slow Organ (voice no. 7), 

 Jimmy’s Drawbars (voice no. 8), 

 Fast & Slow Organ (voice no. 11) and 

 Imperial Organ (voice no. 15). 


This product is available for select Tyros & Genos models. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.

You will need to use the latest Yamaha Expansion Manager (PC or Mac) to install this pack into your instrument. Download for Mac. Download for PC. Make sure your firmware is updated to the latest version. For Premium Packs: Have a Flash Memory Expansion Module installed in your instrument. For Audio Styles: Only one Audio Style Pack can be installed at a time.


  • Producer KApro
  • Memory Requirement 135 MB

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