KApro CS80 Complete Pack

KApro CS80 Complete Pack
KApro CS80 Complete Voice & Style Expansion Pack


1       KApro CS-80 Complete

1.1      What this Expansion Pack is All About

The YAMAHA CS-80 is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable electronic musical instruments, which the manual of the instrument introduces with the following words:

"The CS-80 is a unique step forward in synthesizer technology, an advanced and very playable instrument.”

As early as the mid-1970s YAMAHA built

  • a weighted, i.e. piano-like, velocity-sensitive five-octave keyboard with sixty-one (61) keys and polyphonic aftertouch,
  • a huge ribbon above the keyboard used for pitch bend effects, and
  • two times eight oscillators, eight of which are allocated to each of the two freely programmable, identically realized channels of the CS-80:

The YAMAHA CS-80 is an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer. In contrast to numerous competitor products of that time, the YAMAHA CS-80 is not based on frequency divider circuits typical for transistor organs, it is a genuine synth.

Each oscillator can simultaneously generate the "waveforms"

  • rectangle or pulse width ("PW") or pulse width modulation ("PWM") [switchable on or off],
  • sawtooth [switchable on or off],
  • (white) noise ("NOISE") [continuously adjustable] and
  • sine [continuously adjustable]

in any conceivable combination.

The YAMAHA CS-80 has eleven (11) PRESETS per channel, namely


Channel I has the following PRESETS (from left to right):

  1. STRING 1,
  2. STRING 3,
  3. BRASS 1,
  4. FLUTE,
  8. ORGAN 1,
  9. GUITAR 1,
  10. FUNKY 1 and
  11. FUNKY 3.

Channel II has the following PRESETS (from left to right):

  1. STRING 2,
  2. STRING 4,
  3. BRASS 2,
  4. BRASS 3,
  5. BASS,
  8. ORGAN 2,
  9. GUITAR 2,
  10. FUNKY 2 and
  11. FUNKY 4.

The velocity sensitivity ("INITIAL") can be set independently for each channel and individually for filters ("BRILLIANCE") and volume ("LEVEL"). The same applies to the aftertouch ("AFTER"):


In addition, the aftertouch intensity for the LFO ("SUB OSC") and the velocity sensitivity can be adjusted as common parameters, affecting the PRESETS of the instrument, also.


Even keyboard tracking is adjustable independently for filters and volume.


The YAMAHA CS-80 was at least one decade ahead of its time.

The illustrated are just a few of the remarkable features of this amazing musical instrument. It is no wonder that many world-famous artists used and still use this wonderful instrument for their recordings and live performances.

It is therefore important to KApro to provide a selection of the best-known sounds which the YAMAHA CS-80 contributed to many world hits for the YAMAHA GENOS.

All Voices and Registrations of the "KApro CS-80 Complete" Expansion Pack are ready to use.

All of us at KApro would like to thank YAMAHA Music Europe GmbH, especially our longtime and dear friends Gert Drögemüller and Claus Kruse for making the YAMAHA CS-80 with the serial number available and for the many invaluable pieces of advice during the programming of this expansion pack for the YAMAHA GENOS. In addition, we thank Gert Drögemüller for providing the samples that form the basis for the Voices 112-116.

Get the KApro spirit with the

"KApro CS-80 Complete" Expansion Pack,

an absolute MUST HAVE for every YAMAHA GENOS user!


This product is available for select Tyros & Genos models. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.

You will need to use the latest Yamaha Expansion Manager (PC or Mac) to install this pack into your instrument. Download for Mac. Download for PC. Make sure your firmware is updated to the latest version. For Premium Packs: Have a Flash Memory Expansion Module installed in your instrument. For Audio Styles: Only one Audio Style Pack can be installed at a time.


  • Producer KApro
  • Genre Christmas, Holiday
  • Memory Requirement 48MB

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