FM Xpanded - Genos/Tyros 5

FM Xpanded - Genos/Tyros 5
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FM Xpanded for Tyros5/Genos


Yamaha GENOS/TYROS 5 Expansion Pack "FM Xpanded"


The content of “FM Xpanded“:


  • 60 Expansion Voices
  • 10 Registration Banks (80 Registrations)
  • 48 Multisamples / 140 MB Samples (AIFF linear)


The sound library “FM Xpanded” offers sample-based FM-sounds with highest dynamic and authenticity. It includes DX-oriented sounds as well new and

The multisamples were recorded in several dynamic levels for re-building the high dynamic of FM-synthesizer.

The original FM-sounds were not simply sampled 1:1. EASY SOUNDS developed FM-partials, which were mapped as User Waveforms and combined to new FM-voices using up to 8 voice elements of MOTIF XS. The technique of Sample-Partial-Programming (SPP) offers a very high flexibility allowing creative sound design. You don’t need to be an expert for making individual edits. For the sample-production beside the legendary DX7 other FM-synths like SY99, FS1R, DX200 or FM8 were used.

Many of the delivered voices are towards to the classic DX7 Voices. They are giving the feeling playing a real FM-synth. Impressive stereo-sounds are similar like the DX7II with the wide panning. But based on different combining’s of the FM-partials there are also many new sounds with independent character.


The following voice-types are included in FM Xpanded:


  • DX Electric Piano
  • DX Jazz Guitar
  • DX Clavinet
  • DX Organ
  • DX Straton
  • DX Harp
  • DX Flute
  • DX Brass
  • DX Horns
  • DX Strings
  • DX Bells
  • DX Harmonica
  • DX Synth Lead


The registrations are combining the FM voices with styles and preset voices. Beside classic keyboard-split-styles there are also registration banks with the CHORD FINGERING setting “FULL KEYBOARD”, which are very useful for accompaniments of vocals or solo instruments. You can also play jazzy chord progressions.




Producer                               Easy Sounds

Memory Requirement         140 MB


This product is available for select Tyros models. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.

You will need to use the latest Yamaha Expansion Manager (PC or Mac) to install this pack into your instrument. Download for Mac. Download for PC. Make sure your firmware is updated to the latest version. For Premium Packs: Have a Flash Memory Expansion Module installed in your instrument. For Audio Styles: Only one Audio Style Pack can be installed at a time.


  • Producer Easy Sounds
  • Memory Requirement 140 MB

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