Euro Dance 2016 Style Expansion

Euro Dance 2016 Style Expansion
12 Styles that use the Premium Voices of the Tyros5 Euro Dance Pack!


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NOTE: You must own the first version of  Euro Dance Pack before you can use the Euro Dance Style Expansion Pack. 

If you not yet installed the original Euro Dance pack, please buy the latest 2016 version Euro Dance which already includesall expansion styles. 

The Euro Dance-Pack is the perfect and popular solution for entertainers, duos and bands.

For this best-selling Tyros Premium Voice Pack, we now provide a fantastic extension: 12 new Styles combining genres, such as House, Dance, Electro and Dancehall, which all benefit from the first-rate voices of the original Euro Dance Pack. The musical variety is vast and includes: KeyGoHouse, ElecSoulDance, SwedishHouse, Dancehall2015 and more.

This extraordinary Euro Dance Pack Style Expansion includes all of the current dance styles. A Must-Have for any owner of the original Euro Dance Pack.


This product is available for select Tyros models. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.

You will need to use the latest Yamaha Expansion Manager (PC or Mac) to install this pack into your instrument. Download for Mac. Download for PC. Make sure your firmware is updated to the latest version. For Premium Packs: Have a Flash Memory Expansion Module installed in your instrument. For Audio Styles: Only one Audio Style Pack can be installed at a time.


  • Producer Yamaha
  • Memory Requirement 1

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