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Introducing the new Alpen Premium Pack, exclusively from Yamaha! For those who enjoy the Entertainer Pack, which contains a wide range of Schlager and German folk music, you won’t want to miss the brand new collection of voices and styles dedicated to the traditional music of the Alps.

This pack focuses on three popular styles of music:

Oberkrainer music. This folk music from Slowenia features 5 instruments to create the unique sound: trumpet, clarinet, baritone horn, accordion and jazz guitar.

Egerländer brass music was made famous throughout the world by the typical soft brass sound of Ernst Mosch and his orchestra. It still is one of characteristic styles for many traditional European brass bands.

Stubn Musi is the typical traditional folk music mainly from German-language-based countries in the Alpes region. Hackbrett, Zither and Schwyzer Örgeli are some of the instruments typically played by families in chalets and on mountain country sides.

The sounds and styles of the Alpen Pack were created by experts of the genre, and are incredibly authentic . Watch the demo videos to see and hear for yourself just how much fun you can have with Yamaha’s new Alpen Pack!


This product is available for select Tyros & Genos models. Please select your specific instrument in the Instrument Compatibility section to determine if this product is compatible.

You will need to use the latest Yamaha Expansion Manager (PC or Mac) to install this pack into your instrument. Download for Mac. Download for PC. Make sure your firmware is updated to the latest version. For Premium Packs: Have a Flash Memory Expansion Module installed in your instrument. For Audio Styles: Only one Audio Style Pack can be installed at a time.


  • Producer Yamaha
  • Memory Requirement 99MB

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Yamaha Alpen Pack, Video 1
Yamaha Alpen Pack
Yamaha Alplen Pack Video 3
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