Welcome Clavinova CVP Owners!


Take the next step on your musical journey.

The prestigious CVP series Clavinova is a Yamaha flagship digital piano, and an instrument that will provide you and your family with years of musical enjoyment.

Here at Yamaha MusicSoft, we have thousands of great downloadable products created for and optimized for your Clavinova. Whether you are a first-time player, or an accomplished pianist, MusicSoft can enhance every song and every note you play.

Follow Lights

Learn songs on your Clavinova one note at a time just by following the lights!

You Are The Artist

Play along with these sheet music arrangements that include customized backing tracks for your keyboard!

MIDI Songs

Load new MIDI Songs into your instrument for an exciting, interactive musical experience!

Style Files

Expand your Yamaha keyboard's Style library with new downloadable Style Files!

Playground Sessions

Learn to play keyboard using popular hit songs with this video-based software co-created by Quincy Jones!

Kooky Karaoke

Hear your voice transformed and harmonized as you sing along to fun songs!


Play to backing tracks that follow your tempo using “cue notes” in the included sheet music!


Looking for floppy disks and CDs?

Looking for floppy disks and CDs?

While Yamaha MusicSoft no longer offers shippable products, our collection of floppy disks and CD products are still available from our official distributor, Hal Leonard Publishing.

Click here for Disklavier disks and CDs

Click here for Clavinova books and disks