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Watch & Learn DVD - Exploring The Yamaha YPG-235, DGX-230, PSR-E413, YPT-410 & More

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An In-Home Learning Series For Portable Keyboard Enthusiasts

Mastering your Portable Keyboard is as close as your remote control!

Your Yamaha Portable Keyboard is loaded with dozens of exciting musical features that are great for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players. Jason Nyberg, one of Yamaha's top product specialists, explains and teaches each feature with live demonstrations and step-by-step close-up procedures.

"This video is the missing feature all keyboards need. It completes the package by allowing you to take home the instructor."

-Mark Anderson, Yamaha Portable Keyboard Marketing Manager

MODELS COVERED: YPG-235, YPG-225, DGX-230, DGX-220, PSR-E413, PSR-E213, YPT-410, YPT-400
Product Type Accessories
Recording, Technology, and Instruments
Series Instructional Sheet Music
Product Features Instructional, Recording, Technology, and Instruments
Media DVD

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