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XG Edit

Computer Software

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XGEdit for PC (v2.645) and Mac (v2.08)

An indispensable editor/librarian for all XG series keyboards, synthesizers, and tone modules.

System Requirements:
Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
Mac OS 9 (OS X is not supported)

XGEdit offers a wealth of control and features that the user who may be unfamiliar with system exclusive (sysex) data would find essential for creating new and exciting sounds. XGEdit takes the traditional graphical approach to synthesizer programming by incorporating real-time controls such as rotary knobs, thereby taking much of the tedium out of editing a synthesizer.

Offering full support for audio and MIDI functions, XGEdit will give users of Cakewalk/Sonar, Cubase/VST, Logic, SAW, Cooledit Pro, Soundforge, Acid and many more, the control they have always craved. XGEdit will run alongside any of these applications when used with a multi-client MIDI driver, and will allow full control over the effects and mixing for all of the analog audio tracks you may be using in any of the above applications, along with full control over the extensive parameter set of high end products such as the SW1000XG sound card.

Also, following many requests, XGedit's main programmer, Gary has now decided to make the XGedit Help file available in a manual like format. Download the PDF file and print it out if you prefer a paper copy.

XGedit95 Manual (.pdf) (683K)

For trial versions of XGedit, use the links below. Once you have purchased the full version, just enter your serial number and name to unlock all the potential of XGedit.

XGedit95 v2.645 for Win95/98/ME/NT (.zip) (1.6MB)
XGedit v2.0 for Win3.1/Win95 (.zip) (608K)
XGeditMAC v2.08 for Mac (.hqx) (1.4MB)

(Once you have purchased this software the serial number and name used to unlock the full version will be emailed to you. Download and start up the trial version above and enter the code to access the program.)

A patch for Windows XP users, which resolves some display issues in XGEdit, is available below.

Download the XGEdit XP Patch (.zip) (687 KB)

Product Type Computer Software
Publisher Yamaha

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