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Mexican Banda

Authentic voices and instruments from Mexican Banda music!

Voice & Style Expansion Packs

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  • This product is compatible with PSR-S650

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The Mexican Voice and Style Expansion pack expands your PSR-S950/750/S650/A2000 with an incredible selection of Voices, Styles, Registrations and Multipads. 

Seven new Voices are authentic, high-quality recordings of professional Banda musicians playing traditional instruments like tuba, charcheta, tambora and even a special “Gritos” kit containing over 60 unique vocal expressions (On the PSR-S950, these will be asigned to the pad buttons). 

New Styles cover various genres of Banda cover acoustic, electric and Duranguense, among many others. Also included is a set of Panel Registrations that contain a variety of splits for covering different parts, which are great for playing in a band.

12 Voices: 
Trombon Banda | Trompeta Banda | Clarinete Banda | Charcheta banda | Tuba Banda | Bateria-Tambora | Gritos | Trombon Mega | Trompeta Mega | Clarinete Mega | Charcheta Mega | Tuba Mega

20 Styles:
BaladaBanda 4-4 | BaladaBanda 12-8 | Bolero Banda | Banda 2-4 Polca | BandaDuranguense | Duranguense 3-4 | CorridoBanda 3-4 | Banda 3-4 Acst | Banda 3-4 Elect | CumbiaBanda Slow | CumbiaBanda Med | CumbiaBanda Fast | Quebradita Acst | Quebradita Elect | Cumbia Durango | Zapateado Banda | Huapango Banda | Banda 6-8 Fast | Banda Swing Acst | Banda Swing Elct

2 Registrations:
Banda Splits | DE_DURANGO

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Product Type Voice & Style Expansion Packs
Publisher Yamaha
Producer Yamaha

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This product is NOT compatible with PSR-S650.

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