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Mexican Banda

Authentic voices and instruments from Mexican Banda music!

Voice & Style Expansion Packs

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  • This product is compatible with PSR-S650

Product Requirements

  • Because the final mix is MP3, you can load your mixes onto your favorite MP3 player, laptop, or Digital Audio Workstation.


The Mexican Voice and Style Expansion pack expands your PSR-S950/750/S650/A2000 with an incredible selection of Voices, Styles, Registrations and Multipads. 

Seven new Voices are authentic, high-quality recordings of professional Banda musicians playing traditional instruments like tuba, charcheta, tambora and even a special “Gritos” kit containing over 60 unique vocal expressions (On the PSR-S950, these will be asigned to the pad buttons). 

New Styles cover various genres of Banda cover acoustic, electric and Duranguense, among many others. Also included is a set of Panel Registrations that contain a variety of splits for covering different parts, which are great for playing in a band.

12 Voices: 
Trombon Banda | Trompeta Banda | Clarinete Banda | Charcheta banda | Tuba Banda | Bateria-Tambora | Gritos | Trombon Mega | Trompeta Mega | Clarinete Mega | Charcheta Mega | Tuba Mega

20 Styles:
BaladaBanda 4-4 | BaladaBanda 12-8 | Bolero Banda | Banda 2-4 Polca | BandaDuranguense | Duranguense 3-4 | CorridoBanda 3-4 | Banda 3-4 Acst | Banda 3-4 Elect | CumbiaBanda Slow | CumbiaBanda Med | CumbiaBanda Fast | Quebradita Acst | Quebradita Elect | Cumbia Durango | Zapateado Banda | Huapango Banda | Banda 6-8 Fast | Banda Swing Acst | Banda Swing Elct

2 Registrations:
Banda Splits | DE_DURANGO

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Product Type Voice & Style Expansion Packs
Publisher Yamaha
Producer Yamaha

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This product is NOT compatible with PSR-S650.

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