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You Can Play Jazz Guitar


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This comprehensive method is clear, accessible and highly informative. Mike DeMicco has devised the essential series that's perfect for anyone eager to play jazz guitar. This complete method contains an enormous amount of information, from improvising on II-V-I chords to arranging a complex jazz standard. Mike teaches scales, modes, voicings and other important basics, then shows how to put them to use. Mike then presents dozens of examples to show how to create dazzling solos over chord changes. He uses styles developed by Mike Stern, Tal Farlow, John Coltrane and others to explain how to use solo lines, passing tones and other devices to create personalized improvisations. Starting with his bebop-oriented tune “Boptology,” Mike shows how to build creative solos, challenging players to find their own voice. The melody of this tune is a complete study tool as it illustrates a compelling synthesis of several jazz styles. Mike then takes apart the classic Victor Young standard “Love Letters” to fully discuss chord melodies and new ideas for soloing. Over 3 hours.
Product Type DVD/Video
Series Homespun Tapes, Instructional Sheet Music
Product Features Instructional
Media DVD

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