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Yamaha Pocketrak C24 Digital Audio Recorder

Digital Recorder


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Looking for the best way to record your music lessons, practices, or band rehearsals? You've found it. The C24 delivers 24bit/96kHz sound quality in the world's smallest size. Packed with helpful features: World's smallest and lightest recorder (2oz./57g with battery); 24bit/96kHz recording capability; 2GB internal memory/Expandable with High Capacity microSD Cards; Onboard Speaker; Two Great Practice Aids: Built-in Tuner and Metronome; Peak Limiter for Optimum Music Recording; 5-band equalizer lets you tailor the playback sound for optimum response; High-pass filter automatically reduces wind noise and low freq rumble; Attachment clip included.
Product Type Accessories
Recording, Technology, and Instruments
Product Features Recording, Technology, and Instruments

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