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Compatible Music Products

Sheet Music

Sheet music and song books to help you learn and play.

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Newest Additions


Foot switches, computer cables, headphones, and more.

Most Popular

Newest Additions

Computer Software

Record and produce your own music, or improve your musical skills with software for Windows and Mac.


Instructional videos for keyboard, guitar, drums, and other instruments, as well as concert performances.

Regist Data

Regist Data is for the Electone STAGEA series, and is designed for use with Yamaha's Electone books.


Music reference books, artist biographies, as well as instrumental method books and technical manuals.

Custom Audio Backing Tracks

Take control of your sound and make your own MP3 mixes of your favorite songs for use with any device that supports MP3 audio.

Online Services Blog

The Talent Behind the Sounds: Interview with Sound Designer Peter Krischker

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Krischker, the mastermind behind the Easy Sounds Synth Voice Libraries. Peter has been working with Yamaha Synths for over 30 years and he brings a wealth of sound design and programming experience to every product he creates. We were thrilled to h... Go »

How to use One Touch Settings - PSR-S950

One Touch Setting (OTS) is a powerful feature that you can use on your PSR-S950 to optimize your performance instantly. OTS uses programming features within a Yamaha Style to select the Voice that sounds best with a particular Style Variation. Today, we are going to learn about OTS, OTS LINK, and h... Go »

How to change the melody Voice on a Yamaha Premium Song - CVP-609

Yamaha Premium Songs are MIDI files designed to work perfectly with the high-quality Voices in your instrument. Each Premium Song is a multi-track MIDI file that are made of Voices hand-picked by a producer. Although these MIDI files sound great as they are, you may wish to change out the Voic... Go »

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