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UX16 USB-MIDI Interface

Connect your MIDI instrument to your computer!


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  • This product is compatible with CVP-69


The UX-16 USB-MIDI Interface is about the easiest way to connect your musical keyboard to your computer. If your computer has a USB jack (most computers in the last few years do), you simply connect the UX 16 to your USB connector on your computer and plug the MIDI in and out cables (shown shortened in the photo above - the actual length of the USB cable is 2 feet and the length of the MIDI cables is a little over 4 feet) into your keyboard. You will have to install a "driver" so that your computer knows about the UX16... the driver is included with the UX16 on a CD-ROM.

For detailed information about how to connect your keyboard to your computer, including driver installation, click here.

By connecting your MIDI instrument to your computer you are opening up a world of possibilities! The interface allows you to transfer data back and forth between your instrument and computer. Depending on your instrument's abilities, you can create your own user songs and transfer them to your computer, and you can use your keyboard as a MIDI controller when using recording, sequencing, and notation software.

System Requirements are as follows:

To use the UX16 you will need to install Yamaha's USB-MIDI driver. You can download the driver for all compatible Windows and Mac operating systems at the following site.

OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
Computer: USB-supported IBM-PC or compatible computers
CPU:Pentium 166 MHz or higher processor (Including Celeron)
Memory: 32 MB or higher (64MB or higher recommended)
Hard disk: 2 MB or more of free space

OS: Mac OS8.5 through OSX
Computer: Macintosh computer with built-Memory: 64 MB or higher (128 MB or higher recommended)
Hard disk: 2 MB or more of free space
Other: OMS 2.3.6 or later (Included on CD-ROM included in package)
Use only with the OMS compatible application software of Opcode Systems,Inc.
Product Type Accessories
Computer Accessories
Product Features Computer Accessories

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This product is NOT compatible with CVP-69.

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