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Printable Sheet Music

What is Sibelius Scorch?
Why can't I see any of the Yamaha MusicSoft sheet music on your site?
Why can I only see the first page of the music?
Why do I see the error message: "Score did not load successfully. Please try viewing the web page again"?
Why does the preview page show a Sample page instead of the first page of music?
Why can I only hear the first 30 seconds of the piece?
Why can I see the blue line but not hear the music?
Why do I lose transpositions I make in the piece when I move off the page?
Why can't I transpose this song?
Why hasn't my music printed properly?
Customer Support

Playground Sessions

Please visit Playground Sessions for any questions regarding this service.

Yamaha Expansion Manager

What is Yamaha Expansion Manager?
Is the application available for PC or Mac?
Where do I get the Yamaha Expansion Manager PC Desktop application?
How do I use Yamaha Expansion Manager?
When do I need to use Yamaha Expansion Manager?
Can other products besides premium packs use Yamaha Expansion Manager?
Can I use my existing Tyros3 or Tyros4 premium pack files on my Tyros5?
Can voices be edited in YEM?
Can Tyros5 load Custom Voices created on Tyros4 via YEM?
Can Tyros5 load Voices purchased from 3rd party?
Can Tyros5 load Custom Voices created on Tyros/Tyros2/Tyros3?
My question was not answered here. Whom should I contact?

Downloads & Transfers

How do I obtain my purchased item(s)?
My order was not successfully completed, what should I do?
Can I purchase shippable, downloadable in the same order?
How do I copy the Instrument ID from my Tyros3 or Tyros4?
How do I unzip files?
How do I copy a Tyros3 or Tyros4 license key and/or voice from my computer to USB storage device?
How do I import a license key or load a voice to a Tyros4 using a USB storage device?
How do I import a license key or load a voice to the Tyros3 using a USB storage device?
How can I re-download my purchased Tyros3 or Tyros4 Premium Packs and Voices?
How can I reload purchased Voice Data to a new/replaced Tyros3 or Tyros4?
How do I load voices on my Tyros3 using the optional USB cable method?
How do I load songs and other data from a Tyros3 Premium Pack on my instrument?
While attempting to import a License Key to my instrument, a warning message displays indicating that "the data [I] bought (downloaded) previously will become unusable" if I import the key. What should I do?
I can't upload my Instrument ID that was exported from my Tyros 3 or Tyros4 properly.
I can't import my Tyros3 or Tyros4 License Key, and I’m sure it has been downloaded properly.
Why can't I install Musicsoft Downloader?
What do I need to do to download and transfer Premium Voices and Packs to My Tyros3?
How do I load voices on my Tyros4 using the optional USB cable method?
How do I load songs and other data from a Tyros4 Premium Pack on my instrument?
Why do I need a Flash Memory Expansion Module to use a Premium Voice on my Tyros4?
Where can I purchase a Flash Memory Expansion Module?
How do I install a Flash Memory Expansion Module?
I own a Tyros3 and am considering the purchase of a Tyros4. Will my previously purchased Tyros3 Premium Packs and Voices be compatible with the Tyros4?
I have a Tyros3 and a Tyros4. I’m trying to purchases a premium voice for my Tyros4 that I have already purchased for my Tyros3, and receive the message “Product Removed. The following item(s) have been removed from your cart to avoid duplicate charges:” What do I do?
I recently purchased a second Tyros4. How do I create a License Key and load previously purchased Premium Packs or Voices to my second Tyros4


What is the Yamaha MusicSoft return policy?


I don't have the right voice-compatible firmware for my Tyros3. Where can I get it and how do I install it?
I don't have a compatible USB storage device. What are the compatible devices?
Some software titles have capabilities that my instrument does not have. How can I upgrade my instrument?
I don't have enough RAM memory. How can I increase my the memory on my Tyros3 so I can accommodate Voices?
How do I use a purchased voice on my Tyros3 or Tyros4?
I have a Tyros2 instead of Tyros3. Can I use Voice Data with Tyros2?
I am receiving a message on my instrument. What do these messages mean?
I am using a Mac computer. What is the process for transferring my Premium Pack to my Tyros3 or Tyros4?

My Account

What do I do if I forget my password?
I don't have an account. Where can I register to make purchases?

Orders and Shipping Information

How do I change the currency display?
I don't have a credit card. How can I order?
I cannot remove item from my cart.
I cannot use a given promotion code during checking out.
I cannot add item to my cart.
Where can I find your shipping rates?
How do I track my order?
I purchased a Premium Pack or Voice, but I don’t want it anymore. Can I sell it?
I want to use the Premium Packs & Voices I purchased on a second Tyros3 or Tyros4 that I own. Do I have to purchase them again?
My Tyros 3 or Tyros4 was repaired and the Premium Pack & Voice data was erased. How can I get them again?

Contact Information

How do I get in contact with Yamaha MusicSoft if I have further questions?

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