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STAGEA POPULAR Series Grades 9-8 Vol.5 Japanimation 1

Edition Number: GTE01080344

Regist Data

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  1. DANZEN ! Futari-wa PreCure from "Futari-wa PreCure Max Heart"
  2. Sazae-san
  3. Pokemon Symphonic Medley
  4. Maho Sentai Maji-ranger
  5. Nippon Mukashi Banashi (Cartoon Tales of Old Japan)
  6. Hug Shicha-o from "Doraemon"

Detail Genre Pop, Schlager, Disco
Product Type Regist Data
Regist data for ELS-01
Brand Electone Regist Data
Skill Level From 9 to 8
Things to Do Play
Publisher Yamaha

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