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Listen to Piano Radio & Watch DisklavierTV

Access more than 25 channels of streaming piano music, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a Disklavier Mark IIXG Series or later, then you can also enjoy DisklavierTV.** Disklavier TV is only available in the United States.
Piano Radio

Yamaha's Piano Radio is a truly unique listening experience. It's like having a professional pianist in the room playing your favorite songs by your favorite artists! With moving keys and real acoustic sound, Piano Radio brings your instrument to life and creates the perfect atmosphere.

It's easy to get connected! Check out our Comprehensive Connection Guide for step-by-step instructions and helpful videos, and you can be enjoying over 25 channels of beautifully performed piano music in just minutes! With Yamaha's Piano Radio, there's no need to change disks or set up a playlist. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of your Yamaha keyboard, Clavinova, or Disklavier!

New channels are added throughout the year, featuring seasonal and holiday piano music, and channels dedicated to truly gifted songwriters and composers.

Subscribe to Piano Radio and get DisklavierTV for free!*
DisklavierTV service is only available in the US due to copyright reasons.

With DisklavierTV, you have access to a variety of streaming performances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These performances actually play YOUR piano in YOUR living room!

Many of these live performances have been captured at venues around the world. These individual selections cover a wide range of musical styles and we are continually adding to the selections from which you can choose.

In addition, we broadcast selected performances LIVE as they are actually happening. Imagine your piano being played in "real-time" by a performer who may be thousands of miles away! It's the next best thing to actually being there.

There is truly nothing like it! You'll have to experience it to believe it!

**Mark IIXG and Mark III require the purchase of the DKC-850 Disklavier Control Unit. Contact your Disklavier dealer for details.

Piano Radio Channel List

  • 01: Complimentary Channel Sampler
  • 02: Complimentary Music Channel
  • 03: Adult Contemporary
  • 06: Country
  • 07: Great Piano Solos
  • 08: Jazz
  • 09: Live Piano Concerts
  • 10: Pop
  • 11: R&B and Soul
  • 12: Rock and Classic Rock
  • 13: Soundtracks
  • 14: Spiritual & Worship
  • 15: Standards
  • 16: Mellow Moods
  • 17: Lennon and McCartney
  • 18: Elton John
  • 19: Chopin
  • 20: Gershwin
  • 21: French Composer
  • 22: Mozart Masterpieces
  • 23: Sue Downs Mix Tape
  • 24: Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • 25: Cocktail Party
  • 26: Auf Deutschland
  • 27: Les Miserables
  • 28: I Love the 80s!
  • 29: Hot Country Hits
  • 30: Disney Hits
  • 31: Classical and Semi-Classical
  • 32: Grammy Winners
  • 33: Serenity
  • 34: Broadway
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