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Play Along with MIDI Songs

Experience your keyboard's full potential with interactive, multi-track recordings of your favorite songs.
MIDI Songs

MIDI Songs offer a fun way to learn a new song, a completely editable, great sounding recording, and so much more. Use MIDI songs to learn faster, perform more professionally, and have more fun withyour Yamaha Keyboard!

Yamaha MIDI Songs are specifically designed to function with the learning features of Yamaha MIDIKeyboard instruments. Each song works with the score, tempo and transpose features of Yamahainstruments, as well as the lesson features such as "follow the lights" and "song waiting". Makecustom mixes of MIDI songs on compatible Yamaha keyboards using the mixer feature, and mute theinstrument parts that you want to play on your keyboard!

Check out our MIDI Workshop Video Series, and find out how you can learn faster, practice smarter,and get better using MIDI Songs!

Trying to set up your keyboard to play a particular song? Song "Records" can make your performances sound better than ever.

Each Record includes the perfect voice and style setup for an authentic rendition of a popular song. Just select the link below to download and install a Standard Library containing Records covering a wide selection of favorite songs for your instrument model.

Download the Standard Library for your instrument for free.

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