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Xtreme DJ Enhanced Edition

A funky and fresh method for learning to DJ. A ten-lesson program which will quickly teach you everything you need to know about DJ-ing. Includes Audio

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Produced with, and accreditied by Point Blank, this is the complete introduction to modern turntable techniques. A ten-lesson programme demonstrates the best equipment, records and the top ten DJs. Learn to beat-mix, drop-mix, switch tricks, fill tricks, spinback (rewind), back to back and a capella mixes for the phattest party sets. Get your wrists around the baby scratch, the scribble and the chop. Mix with your CDs/MP3s, present a demo and get yourself out rocking parties before you know it. The Audio files are packed with demonstrations and examples of beats, skills and tunes.

This title is an Enhanced Edition which includes additional multimedia content like audio backing tracks and/or matching video. Media can be accessed by selecting the Audio or Video icons in the toolbar of the online viewer
Author Tom Frederikse
Decade 2010s
Product Type Digital Books
Series Xtreme, Instructional Sheet Music
Product Features Instructional
Skill Level Beginner
Publisher Music Sales

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