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FastForward Rock 'n' Roll Piano

If Rock 'n' Roll is your style of choice, you can learn to play like all the greats with this exciting volume! Includes Audio.

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Now you can learn Rock 'n' Roll piano! This great book and audio tracks will add a new and exciting dimension to your piano playing, introducing you to the foot-tapping, infectious style that is Rock 'n' Roll! First learn the rhythmic patterns that top pianists use, and experiment with improvising your own patterns and riffs. Tricks such as arpeggiated triplets, accented chords and repeated chord patterns are explained, as are crushed notes, syncopation, glissandos and rolls. Then play in the style of Fats Domino, Little Richard, Ray Charles, and Floyd Cramer. Useful practice tips are given throughout. The accompanying audio tracks enables you to hear how rock 'n' roll riffs and patterns should sound. Each track is recorded twice, first with the piano, then with backing tracks so you can play the piano part. Suitable for intermediate standard pianists.

This title is an Enhanced Edition which includes additional multimedia content like audio backing tracks and/or matching video. Media can be accessed by selecting the Audio or Video icons in the toolbar of the online viewer.
Author Bill Worrall
Detail Genre Rock
Decade 2010s
Product Type Digital Books
Series FastForward, Instructional Sheet Music
Product Features Has Audio, Instructional
Skill Level Intermediate
Publisher Music Sales

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