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FastForward Boogie Woogie Piano

Play the piano with all the essential Boogie Woogie techniques. Includes Audio.

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Create the boogie sounds of such great pianists as Jools Holland and Jelly Roll Morton. Develop authentic left-hand rhythmic patterns and sparkling riffs. Discover the secrets of syncopation, arpeggios, grace notes, and other essential boogie techniques. Each track from the accompanying audio tracks are recorded twice, first with the piano, then with backing tracks so you can play the piano part.

This title is an Enhanced Edition which includes additional multimedia content like audio backing tracks and/or matching video. Media can be accessed by selecting the Audio or Video icons in the toolbar of the online viewer.
Author Bill Worrall
Detail Genre Jazz
Decade 2010s
Product Type Digital Books
Series FastForward, Instructional Sheet Music
Product Features Has Audio, Instructional
Skill Level Intermediate
Publisher Music Sales

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