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Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver

Sheet Music, DVD/Video

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John Denver was one of the most beloved figures in the history of American popular music. Pete Huttlinger was John's lead guitarist from 1994 until his tragic death in 1997, accompanying him on world tours, Grammy-winning recordings and TV specials.

Lesson One

On this first instructional video, Pete breaks down eight John Denver hits, teaching the easy but effective chord progressions, picking patterns and bass runs that made his arrangements so compelling. Songs include: My Sweet Lady • I'm Sorry • Annie's Song • Late Winter Early Spring (instrumental) • Fly Away • Boy from the Country • Darcy Farrow • and Rocky Mountain High. 90-MIN. DVD • INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB • BEGINNER LEVEL

Lesson Two

In Pete Huttlinger's second Homespun lesson, he teaches seven great songs exactly as John himself played them. The techniques range from basic chords and folk strums to more complex picking patterns, chord progressions and harmonies that evoke a sound typical of John's music. Songs: Aspen Glow • Christmas for Cowboys • This Old Guitar • I Guess He'd Rather Be in Colorado • Mother Nature's Son • Rhymes and Reasons • Take Me Home, Country Roads. 70-MIN. DVD • EARLY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL • INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB

Lesson Three

Pete Huttlinger has selected the seven John Denver guitar arrangements most requeested by the many fans of his previous Homespun DVDs. He teaches the intros, chord progressions, bass lines, strumming, and fingerpicking patterns and other accompaniment techniques that make these songs such popular standouts. Songs include: Calypso • Spirit • The Eagle and the Hawk • Matthew • Dreamland Express • Poems, Prayers and Promises • Today. 85-MIN. DVD • INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB • EARLY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL
Artist John Denver
Product Type Sheet Music
Series Homespun Tapes
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