Yamaha MusicSoft: Learn to Play Irish Fiddle - 2-DVD Set - DVD/Video

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Learn to Play Irish Fiddle - 2-DVD Set


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DVD One – Polkas, Jigs and Slides: Covers rhythmic devices and other variations, including grace notes, ornaments, rolls, double-stops. Songs: Saddle The Pony • The Connaughtman's Rambles • The King of the Fairies • Bill Sullivan's Polka • Johnny Leary's Slide • Micho Russell's Slide • and more. 90-MIN. DVD • INCLUDES MUSIC • BEGINNER LEVEL

DVD Two – Reels, Jigs and Gavottes: More complex rolls, triplets, grace notes, bowing techniques, rhythmic timing and phrasing. Songs: The Cottage Grove • Bonnie Kate • Jenny's Chickens • The Man from Bundoran • The Miller of Droghan • Connie O' Connell's • Dan Collins' Father's Jig • Off to the Races • and three Breton gavottes. 105-MIN. DVD • INCLUDES MUSIC • EARLY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL
Product Type DVD/Video
Series Homespun Tapes
Things to Do Learn
Media DVD

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