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Play Flute Today! Beginner's Pack (Flute)

Book/CD/DVD Pack

Books, DVD/Video

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This is the ultimate beginner's pack for anyone who wants to learn to play flute. You get a great book/CD pack plus a corresponding DVD that cover all the basics, including: How to assemble and care for your instrument, producing a sound, reading music notation and rhythms, a fingering chart, a glossary of musical terms, and much more. The CD includes audio instruction as well as 74 full-demo tracks. Perfect for those who want to teach themselves or in a classroom setting. Also available: Play Flute Today! – Level 2 (HL00842044) and Play Flute Today! – Songbook (HL00842045).
Product Type Books
Series Play Today!
Skill Level Beginner
Media CD, DVD

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