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Popular Piano Solos - Level 5 - CD

Hal Leonard Student Piano Library


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This compact disc correlates directly to the songs in Popular Piano Solos Level 5. All track numbers for use with the compact disc are clearly indicated in the book, and are listed on the actual CD as well. These fully–orchestrated accompaniments by Hal Leonard Student Piano Library method author Phillip Keveren are a delightful way to enhance students' lessons, and are a sure way to guarantee practice success.

Whenever we have included CD accompaniments for any series within the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library. The CD format is as follows: each piece has two tracks. The first track is at a practice tempo with the solo piano part, and the second track is at a performance tempo without the piano solo part.
Detail Genre Pop, Schlager, Disco
Product Type Accessories
Series Educational Piano Library
Product Features CDs
Skill Level Advanced
Media CD

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